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The MGC approach to business solutions is to identify the gaps, and develop strategies that influence growth and productivity.  MGC offers services and business development solutions for both local and national-based organizations, and operates with a team of expert consultants.  MGC also specializes in business report reviews and editing, business planning and analysis, professional development training, and business development strategies.

MGC was established as a consulting firm to support local, state, and international businesses and organizations. Our purpose is to guide the planning, development, and training needs of our contractual partners. As consultants, we provide consultative services using an equitable lens, and we are dedicated to supporting and advancing the needs of the client that enrich and guide the strategic direction of the company.


MGC Health Care Services

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients by providing compassionate, quality, and safe home-based support that enhances their ability to have an active role in managing their own care.
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MGC Logistics

MGC Logistics is a St. Louis-based company that was established in response to the increased need in the cargo and transportation industries. Our dedicated professionals manage the logistics for cargo, pick-up, and delivery at drop points across Missouri, and other states, up to 350 miles.  The team consists of diverse, proactive, and skilled drivers whose mission is the management and safe delivery of cargo.

MWR Consultants (MGC Strategic Partner)

MWR Coaching and Consulting MWR uses coaching best practices to help individuals unlock, elevate, and embrace their gifts to create their own reality.
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Innovative Change Consulting (MGC Strategic Partner)

Innovative Change Consulting Group, LLC provides management consulting services for a wide range of organizations within the St. Louis Metropolitan area.
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A Message from Our CEO

A Message from Our CEO

Morgan Graves Consultants, LLC has celebrated seven years of service as of October 2022!  In our first three years we were and still are proud of our accomplishments and growth including an expanded partnership with the Brown School of Washington University, growth of our core team, and a contractual relationship that involved facilitating a professional development training in Germany.  We also partnered with Wyman, Inc., to facilitate a Trauma Informed Care and Positive Youth Development Training for the City of St. Louis Department of Recreation.  We moved our offices to the Washington business district, and we now have more space to accommodate our growing team.

Our contractual services have been extended to the City of St. Louis with the awarding of the Customer Service Surveyor Contract with St. Louis Lambert International Airport.  With all that we have experienced and accomplished over the past three years, I am most proud of the MGC team!  Without the team of expert project assistants and consultants, we could not have garnered the notable accomplishments.  As a team, our accomplishments have been the platform for the vision of further expansion into the healthcare arena.  We have expanded our company to MGC Healthcare Services, Inc., and our goal is to begin contractual services with the state of Missouri.

As a growing company, we never lose sight of our commitment to help, support, and guide others who aspire to be entrepreneurs and business owners, so we lend our expertise and services to those individuals and entities whose journey is just beginning.  We look forward to continued growth and partnerships throughout the St. Louis region, and extending the journey to national and international opportunities anchored by helping others.

What Our Clients Say

“So proud of the focus of this conference and honored to be a part!”

Kim Stemley

“I am looking forward to the conference!”

Dr. Corey S. Bradford Sr.

“I’m writing to express my excitement about witnessing the progression of the conference and the marketing. I’m bummed that it won’t be in person due to the uncertainties of COVID (I’ve been missing my STL folks lately), however, I still plan on purchasing and supporting virtually. I’m super proud of you and the MGC team!!!”

Shakira Onwuachi

“You ladies have done a Phenomenal Job with this. I am truly honored to be affiliated and the Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber is going to do everything we can to drive people to this event.  You have definitely built something worth sharing, something empowering and something that should draw the people to well spent experience across several days. Congratulations to the success of shifting gears!”

Veta Jeffery

“I know moving to virtual was a difficult decision to make but I think it was the right one…still excited!”

Jamala Rogers

“I am looking forward to this year’s conference!”

Dr. Vetta Sanders-Thompson

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