St. Louis County Circuit Court hosted its first Professional Development Day

On August 18, 2022, St. Louis County Circuit Court hosted its first Professional Development Day sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The day started with breakfast on the Hero’s Deck and surprise shirts and swag bags for everyone! State and county employees got a chance to indulge in sessions focused on: Development, Trauma Informed Care, Emotional Intelligence and Professional Etiquette. Based on our surveys, Leadership Development was the most popular session with participants requesting the presenter back for next year. Morgan Graves Consultants did a great job!

“I must say, I have never seen so many smiles and good vibrations in all of my 15 years of service with our Judicial Circuit,” said Pamela Powell, Courtroom Services Manager, “Throughout the day, I heard compliment after compliment regarding Morgan Graves Consultants ad the activities of the day. The value brought to staff is immeasurable. I enjoyed seeing the participants engaged in the activities. More importantly, the thoughtfulness, consideration, and gratitude could be felt by those who attended. Everyone deserves rest and a virtual pat on the back for an outstanding performance.”

Professional Development Day fostered the opportunity for co-workers to interact with each other and make new acquaintances in other departments. The weather was perfect for lunch in Shaw Park, where employees had the choice of lunch from three food trucks. This was notably everyone’s favorite part of the day. Gayle Mumford, the representative from the Foundation, stayed to enjoy lunch and a few activities. She had a blast!

“I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about this day, but if I must say to myself, IT WAS GREAT!!!!!” said Donah McKinley in Record Retention. “The Leadership Development session with Dr. Alyce Herndon was absolutely amazing. She made several great points that I think should be incorporated in our jobs. I took lots of notes. Secondly, the Trauma Informed Care with Marnée Morgan was another great session!!! These 2 women knew their stuff, and it was executed greatly. For lunch, I had the shrimp mac and cheese, and it was super delish and very tasty. This day was much appreciated and a long time coming. It was good to be in the com[any of different people from other depts. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that much smiling and laughing around here! Employee morale was definitely up on this day. Last, but not least, the collar shirts were a great addition to the goodie bag. Thanks to all who had a hand in putting this day together for us!!!!” said McKinley.